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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Obedience Training Program


11-07_Class_3smallerQ: What types of dogs do you train? How old does my dog have to be?
A: Obedience training is offered for all breeds and ages of dogs. We accept puppies as young as 14 weeks but we would prefer 16 weeks to ensure that the dog's vaccinations are complete. If your puppy's shots are not complete, arrangements can be made with our resident veterinarian to have that done while he is with us for training. If you have a dog younger than 16 weeks please call us and we can discuss your individual needs. All adult dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations prior to being enrolled.

Q: What will my dog learn during the training program?
A: Your dog will learn all of the basic obedience commands - come, sit, down, heel (leash walking), stay etc. In addition, when you drop the dog off the trainer will meet with you and discuss any additional problems or issues that you are having with your dog. This helps us tailor the dog's training program to better meet your training needs.

Q: How long does the training program last?
A: The training program lasts a total of 4 weeks. The dog stays with us at our facility and gets one-on-one obedience training from an experienced trainer.

Q: How is this better than me training my own dog? How will I know if my dog will be trained to listen to me?
A: The dog benefits by learning skills from a highly experienced trainer with the time to focus on each individual dog. During the final week of the training program the owner and family come to several training sessions with the dog. They learn the commands that the dog was taught and the dog learns to transition the skills he learned with the trainer over to the owner. Once the dog goes home you will get unlimited assistance in maintaining the dog's training.

doty_rottiessmallerQ: Do you offer any other obedience training programs?
A: Our over 30 years of training experience has allowed us to develop a training program that maximizes the dog's ability to learn while staying cost effective for the owner. The training program allows the dog to fully learn his skills and also ensures that he goes home fully trained. This type of training program plays an important role in the 99% success rate that we are well know for.

Q: How often will my dog get trained?
A: The frequency and length of the training sessions will vary depending on various factors such as the attention span or the age of the dog. For some dogs they learn better receiving short sessions throughout the day and for others a longer training session is effective. The training schedule is designed to maximize the dog's learning and focuses on quality as well as quantity.

Q: How much does the training program cost?
A: The training program costs $1600.00 for the 4 weeks of training including the lessons with the owners and the followup lessons after the dog goes home. $800.00 is due when the dog is dropped off and $800 when the program is completed.

Q: Can I visit my dog while he is being trained?
A: Owners are encouraged to visit the dog following the first 2 weeks of training. This allows them to observe a training session and to see the dog's progress halfway through the program. It also allows us to see how the dog behaves around his family and to tailor the remainder of the program to the owner's specific needs.

Q: Can I call or email for progress reports on my dog?
A: Certainly.  Due to the training schedule we may not be able to answer your call immediately but please leave a message and one of the trainers will get back to you as soon as possible with a progress report.

Q: What should I bring with my dog when I drop him off for training?
A: Your dog will be housed in a kennel environment with frequent trips outside to relieve himself as well as for training.  Due to the activity and his training schedule he will likely be less interested in toys and other items from home.  However if he has a favorite toy you are welcome to bring that as well as any food and medications he should need while he stays with us.

Q: Can I bring my own dog food with my dog?
A: Absolutely. Changing diets can often be stressful on the dog and having his own food will help him acclimate more quickly to being at the kennel and help his focus on his training.


Traveling from outside Jackson, Ms.


Q: Do you accept dogs from out of town?
A: Yes. A large percentage of our clients travel great distances to have us train their dogs. From as far away as New Mexico and Nebraska. Several travel from Memphis Tn, New Orleans La, Biloxie Ms, Mobile Al and Nashville Tn. We welcome clients both locally and from out of town.


Q: How would we handle doing the lessons during the forth week?
A: Usually clients from out of town arrange to stay over night and travel back the following day. Typically we will do one lesson and take a lunch break before doing a second lesson. If needed we will do a third lesson the following day before you depart for home.

Q: Can we still schedule a visit at two weeks to visit our dog?
A: Absolutly....and if something happens that you can not make the visit, we will forward you a detailed video of your dogs training session and progress.