Detection Dog Training Box NEW Patented Design

Original Detection Training Box designed and perfected by Randy Hare has been improved upon by a new "Box and Pod Design". This new design will replace the old style boxes May 31, 2016.
Price: $169.00

The NEW and Improved Patent Pending design or the  "Box and Pod" design will take the place of the old design immediatly. As of May 31, 2016 Alpha k-9 and Randy Hare will no longer offer the old style boxes for sale. 20 1/2" High x 11 1/2" Wide x 7" Deep. The designed Brackets for the back of the box are included as well as additional hardware. Boxes are usually sold and shipped in groups of 5 at a time packaged in one container.

BEWARE OF IMITATIONS- Changing measurements or adding bells and whistles are not always the best thing. Many have tried to copy these boxes and even in the closest imitations we have found flaws that make a difference in the application of this technique. One imitator calls the box “The Dutch Box” attempting to put a European spin on the product to create more sales. His selling point is that his box is made smaller meaning less shipping costs. We did not create this box to be better for is built to educate our dogs to this technique so there is a reason the “Randy Hare Detection Box” is the size that it is. Another claims to have seen these very same boxes in Holland back in the late 70s and referenced them in a video of his. Even if that were question would be..."Why are you just now starting to sell them??? While it should be understood that the boxes themselves are nothing more than a tool in this technique, they are still a very important tool. It should be understood that the boxes do not do the training. The trainer does the training and the boxes are a clever tool that greatly assists the trainer in this technique. Please review the information on the boxes as well as the upcoming Schools and Seminars designed for Detection Dog Handlers and Detection Dog Trainers.

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Randy Hare has worked closely with engineer Chet Robarts to help design a more efficient and effective new design “Randy Hare Detection Training Box.” Utilizing exact measurements and contracting professional cabinet designers to insure exact fits and durability are just a few of the measures taken to help devise the perfect training tool.  For those planning to buy one box so they can take it apart and build their own, if you ask somebody who has tried this, I think they would readily tell you that there is much less headache and backache in just purchasing the finished product.The price of each individual box is $169.00 and is sold and shipped in crates containing 5 boxes per crate bringing the price of one crate to $845.00 excluding shipping. 10 boxes is enough to set up a short-rack. Each box weighs just over 14 Pounds bringing the shipping weight to just over 70 pounds. The integrity of the boxes is protected in shipping by wrapping the boxes to protect from outside contamination. View photos and particulars about the new boxes by visiting our Gallery NOTE: Imitations are usually weak attempts to capitalize on someone else success... ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS... purchase the real thing.