On Target- Training Substance Detector Dogs- Detection 1

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This practical and thought-provoking video introduces Randy Hare’s revolutionary methods for training substance (drug, explosives, accelerants, biologicals) detector dogs. It begins with a critical analysis and review of conventional detector dog training methods, and then presents the core ideas of the Hare Method:

The handler is not the teacher, the dog teaches himself: 
• The dog is not just taught what odors and stimuli to respond to; he is also explicitly taught what NOT to respond to. 
• The dog is taught to ignore primary reward (ball) odors and stimuli unless they are encountered in conjunction with target odor.

The balance of the video is devoted to a step-by-step guide to Randy’s methods for using his invention, the Hare Detection Training box, to achieve the detector dog trainer’s first three objectives: 
1) Select a good detector dog prospect. 
2) Teach target odor-reward association. 
3) Condition the final response.

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2005 Videographer Award of Distinction
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