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Dear Randy and staff,

Thank you for the GREAT JOB you did training Inga. The "place" training has solved so many issues. Our walks are no longer something I dread, but something we both enjoy! NO MORE TRYING TO CHASE CARS, yeah! Thank you for the extra work required to train ME! Who knew I would be harder to train than a German Shepherd? Your help has made all the difference and I am so thankful.

Sincerely, Debbie and Inga



I just wanted to thank you for training Gambit. It's only been a few days since we brought him home but it continues to amaze me how much calmer he is! Everyone from family to neighbors have noticed a tremendous change in his behavior and obedience. He still has his slightly headstrong, goof-ball personality but also seems very aware of what is and is not acceptable. And Gambit definitely looks to me to set the tone of his behavior instead of dictating what he wants to do!

I really cannot say enough about how awesome you guys are, thank you so much, Randy and Rodrigo!

Tesha Ezell & Gambit


Dear Randy and Staff,
We are extremely pleased and thankful for the training of our Mal. We were sure that when we made it home that your training would lose its effect. But with the training session and tips for maintaining and improvement, our dog has become a valued member of the family. We look forward to receiving additional training for her by y'all and will gladly recommend y'all to any. In closing, thanks again and it truly was the BEST MONEY EVER SPEND!
C. and M. Chaney/Bella


We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for training and boarding Harley aka Wild Child. She is so much fun to be around now. Jimmy practices with her every day. She loves showing off everything you taught her at Alpha K-9. We have already and will continue to recommend Alpha K-9. Thanks Again!
Jimmy & Christy Shows
Florence, MS


Bryce & I wanted to tell you how happy we are with Gus! He is the sweetest little guy! We didn’t notice before because he was always so out of control that we had to constantly put him in his crate. Now he never goes in his crate except to sleep. I never thought that I would be able to stroll my little girl & walk my dog all at once. He makes it a breeze to do now. Randy & Rodrigo are amazing!!! I don’t know how you guys do it! Bryce & I learned a lot from you as well as to how to discipline…no yelling & no spanking. I am so happy to recommend you guys to people & already have. You guys go way over & beyond the call of duty. We appreciate everything y’all have done to help.
Bryce and Hannah
Jackson, MS

I wanted to take this opportunity and thank you for training Tucker. Since coming home, myself and others have noticed a tremendous change in behavior and obedience. He has most certainly retained his playful and loving personality, but now has a heightened awareness of what’s acceptable and what’s not. In addition, he’s very quick to show off his newly obtained skills that were learned at Alpha K-9. I will most definitely carry the torch and continue to work with him on a consistent basis--but I’m still amazed at how far he has come in such a short period of time!! Thanks again for everything and let’s get together on your next visit to Memphis...I’ll buy the first round of beers!

Paul Harris & Tucker

Dear Randy,

Joseph has been home for a week now and each day we have continued to practice the lessons you trained him with during the month he stayed at the Alpha K9 facility. I can tell a distinct difference in his behavior and so can any visitors we have! He responds quickly and sometimes with just the hand signal, no voice! I have already referred Alpha K9 to others and will continue to do so. Keep up your good work and love for animals. Hopefully, we’ll see you in one of your return visits to Memphis this year. God bless. Happy Thanksgiving.

Gail (and Joseph, the Airedale)
Memphis, TN

We want to thank you so very much and let you know how much we appreciate what you’ve done for Bart. You certainly have our heartfelt recommendation to anyone that would inquire about your services. We do feel it was closer than just a business relationship because we put our trust in you to handle our dog professionally as well as on a caring basis, and that obligation you fulfilled. Thank ya’ll so very much, hope to be seeing you again sometime.

Peter & Loyce Smith
Memphis, TN

Hi Randy…First of all, I can’t thank you enough for the training you gave Bailey and myself. She’s a different dog today. I saw the mutual respect between you and her and now I’m working on attaining the same thing through my work with her. You’re a kind man with a special gift in training these dogs. I’m excited to continue the process!

Harrison Family & Bailey
Memphis, TN

Randy, We tried the lesson route and take it from me, THAT was not the way for us to go. We are very pleased with what you have done for Cole and myself. Please list us as references…

Nelda Marr & Cole
Memphis, TN

Randy, I had made up my mind to find Tank another home as he was just becoming impossible to live with. I am so glad we found you as Tank is the perfect gentleman now. Thanks for the training and teaching us how to communicate with each other.

Helen McCulloch and Tank
Memphis, TN

I can not believe the difference in my dog. He is so easy to manage now even with a cat as a distraction. Super, Super job!!!

April Cauthen and Rhett
Memphis, TN

Randy, I could not believe that was the same dog. I though you had switched dogs for sure. I am in awe as to the difference in Cooper and PLEASE list me as a reference.

Matthew Smith & Cooper
Memphis, TN

I am very impressed…give me some of your cards and please list me as one of your references. Thanks a million.

Elmore Kinkle with J-Lo and son Chris
Memphis, TN